Highland Guidelines

The CPD Programme

Funding – calculation of costs
The funding source for activities is designated as either Central or Devolved

Devolved funding will be required to arrange cover and pay for travel relating to an event. Fees and venue related costs, such as hire charges and catering, will be met from central funds –these will not be re-charged to schools this year. Any additional costs such as overnight accommodation and additional subsistence will have to be met by devolved funds. Schools are asked to note that they have a responsibility for booking their own overnight accommodation.


Procedural enquiries should be directed to StaffDevelopmentunit@highland.gov.uk


From August 2014, engagement in the Professional Update process will be a requirement for GTCS registration. For further details see GTCS website.


Highland Policy and Guidance are linked at the bottom of this page , ready for immediate use.  The system supporting the PRD process (CPD Manager), is set up and should be used to record PRD meetings, create Professional Learning Plans etc. 

In the event of any queries, please contact  – ECSStaffing.PRD@highland.gov.uk  

LNCT 35 Highland PRD Policy and Guidance for teachers Rev June 2015